Monday, March 29, 2010

Digital Piece - Poison Ivy

For the last month or so, I've been working on some digital art that has taken me awhile to get through. Mostly due to my job as a color flatter for Broadsword Comics keeping me busy.But I am happy to say that I finally finished my little project.
About a month ago, I was combing through a friend of mine's blog, looking at her modeling photos and I came across her photos portraying her as Poison Ivy of DC Comics. I thought she made a great Ivy and wanted to draw her as the character, though it wasn't one of the actual costume photos that I chose as reference, but one of her regular modeling photos. Thanks to her permission I was able to take it and run with it.
So first off, I want to thank Megan Vanburkleo for the use of her image and for being my muse in this. So here it is, Poison Ivy:

This was a grueling process for me, since my last actual piece that was even close to the amount of detail in this piece, was back in December. This piece made me break my limits, because I didn't want to half-ass it, I really wanted something that I was 100% proud of to show off and be able to show people and not be put off by the fact that it wasn't really something. I think I did it here and I was able to show, not just everyone else, but myself that I'm capable of doing extreme details. I put a lot into this. So I want to show off what this piece started off as, and the amount of detail.



Enjoy, and I promise, there's more to come!

You can see more of Megan at:

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